Notes from the Production Team

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It’s been an interesting one-month, we have a fantastic team in place handling all the different facets of India’s first Photography Festival and we are confident that we are going to put up a great two-week festival in October.

Adil and I are looking after the production end of things (you know – running around measuring walls/ getting all the stuff printed / figuring out display fixtures / helping Prashant stay slim by eating all his home made banana cake and admiring his brand new maroon Royal Enfield Classic 500 – pics of him riding up soon).

The exhibitor list is finalized and all the hi-rez files are safely on Prashant’s Mac. We have been pulling full day shifts over the last week making prints, cutting out over three hundred individual photographs and subjecting these small dummy prints to Prashant’s now infamous line of execution.

We have 28 print exhibitions (both Indoors and Outdoors) and are pulling out all the stops for each exhibitor. Brainstorming on the presentation and the production has kept us on our toes and has given us an opportunity to practice our adding and tea drinking skills. We have the layouts of the habitat memorized down to each wall and are almost done with the planning phase of the production.

Next steps are to get actual size test prints, figure out the lighting and to start the fabrication on the display fixtures.

More soon…



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