IHC . . the Home of the Festival.

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            It was about a year ago, that Prashant happened to meet Dr. Alka Pande, Curator of VAG, India Habitat Centre at an Exhibition Opening and mentioned to her our dream project of having an international level Photo Festival in India. Alka, who has probably witnessed and been a participant of more Festivals than most people can dream of, instantly understood the value of the Idea and how its time had certainly come.

And so the dream of the Festival was accepted as a concept and is now swiftly turning into a reality. The Habitat Centre, which is unarguably the Cultural Hub of Delhi, will be host to India’s first Photo Festival. One which is modeled on the lines of those which are seen in places like London, New York, Paris and other photographically inclined cities around the world.

The inaugural Festival will be humble in size and a single location one, viz., the Indian Habitat Centre.  The beginnings will be measured but we are doing our best to make sure that quality is not compromised in anything. Whether in the Works shown, the displays, the talks, the screenings . . . in everything that goes to make up a world class experience for Photo enthusiasts of India.

For people who are familiar with the fantastic spaces of the Habitat Centre . . . you will recognize these through the pictures here but we assure you that you will be stunned by the transformation once the exhibits are up from 15th October 11.


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