Big fat day at the Habitat

Yesterday the festival had a truly epic day… in fact we are very proud to announce that we almost reached the end of the to-dos on Navneet’s marathon excel sheet.

The team met today to manage a whole host of different agendas. These included meeting volunteers (pics to be posted by other team members), inspecting the outdoor test prints, discussing branding collaterals and placements with our design consultant (Jeyanthi Rath), put together our video documentary team lead by Anamitra Chakldar.

Our newest recruit; Hajra has been keeping herself quite busy with reading and editing artist statements and other important stuff that will find its way into our festival’s wonderful catalogue… She seems quite dedicated and at one point I had to snatch away a whole pile of A4s so that she could take a break.

Mansi has been rather unwell with the flu, but we weren’t very surprised to find her arrive early at the venue, albeit without her phone in tow. I have decided to believe that Mansi doesn’t like phones very much… even brand new shiny ones.

Prashant and I couldn’t really meet the volunteers since we had a separate meeting with Jeyanthi, but I did see a steady stream of the young and eager make their way into the Open Palm Court conference room. I recall seeing Dinesh in the backroom (in very low-key light) interviewing each volunteer individually like Vito Corleone complete with Mansi and Navneet playing female versions of Tom Hagen.

Dinesh had also carried along samples for cloth bags /jhollas that will carry the festival logos (and will be available during the festival) and we tried out each by placing Mansi’s recently recovered Mac inside. There were some issues on the femininity of each bag but we came to some sort of agreement.

The meeting with Jeyanthi was next and she arrived on site with her team and immediately gave us valuable insights on branding designs, placements, navigating the Habitat center via architectural layouts and contemplated the different shades of bamboo available (we couldn’t come to a consensus)… there were some complicated double-digit additions too.

All of us were very excited to see the first batch of test prints from Hardesh and each had an opinion on the tweaking needed. We managed an accord and Adil and I have another trip lined up to Manesar on Friday.

Adil has been a [super] trooper by visiting Ranbir everyday and “harassing” our exhibitors to ensure all the digital files will print brilliantly for the indoor print exhibitions. If you are reading this and are an exhibitor then treat this like a heads-up.  We have a meeting with Ranbir on Saturday where we will finalize everything on the Indoor prints. The production team got bolstered with 3 new recruits who got a tour of the place and information on the different exhibitions…these guys will be integral during the exhibition installation.

We had a long and productive day and we are all looking forward to today, which is a break day… of sorts.

More soon…


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Photos by Karan Vaid


4 thoughts on “Big fat day at the Habitat

  1. Kudos to Karan.
    We all were busy with different activities at the same time at the same place.
    Funniest part that later Mansi realized we forgot to switch on the light while doing screening of the volunteers 😀
    And here you are who beautifully managed to steal these small-small stories about each one.
    Everybody is now swings in full action and it should be like that after all we are exactly a month away from the Festival


  2. I can feel the happy and charged environment sitting many a mile away!!! missing the action and all you guys. Wish could be part of Navneets expansive excel sheet and the madness that surrounds 🙂 … all the very best and kudos on the work done so far!!!!!

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