Printing Perfection

Saturday, September 17

I was working on Navneet’s excel sheets when Karan stopped by to pick up memory cards for his assignment later in the day. He was on his way to Ranbir’s so I decided to tag along, camera and notepad in tow to join Prashant and Adil at the printing unit. There was excitement in the air as the printing process was underway!

‘The grain is too prominent!’
‘It needs more contrast!’
‘The blacks are out of control!’  are parts of the exchange overheard between the crew and Ranbir.

Who is Ranbir?

For the unfamiliar, Digital Image Solutions, commonly referred to as ‘Ranbir’s’ is a 4,200 sq ft. one stop shop for all printing needs, owned and operated by Ranbir Nerwal with an able team of 24. Adil describes him as a man with ‘long term patience’.
Ranbir started printing in 2001 for clients that included top end fashion designers and photographers. Over the last decade, Digital Image Solutions has expanded and is known in the market for the work they deliver. Ranbir loves to work in the genre of Art and Documentary photography where the emphasis is on quality. I asked Ranbir about why he wanted to print and he said ‘To get an image you have to print’. Ranbir has no interest in photographing and his passion lies in images and images only. His understanding of the image, however, is incredible. Ranbir was shy about giving us names of his favourite photographers but said that his favourite print job was a series he did on landscapes from the region of Ladakh. Talking about the photography market in India, Ranbir says that photography must be able to ‘reach the common man’ i.e go into public spaces rather than being limited to galleries.

Ranbir is happy to be a supporter of the festival and thinks that it is ‘much needed’ as it provides a platform for young and upcoming photographers. All the images in the indoor exhibits are being printed at Digital Image Solutions. Ranbir and his team are making sure that each print is of the highest quality. Exhibitors, you will be pleased!

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photos : mansi midha


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