All hands on board . . .

It was just a few days ago . . or so it seems  . . that I had gone to meet Dr Alka Pande in her office at the Visual Arts Gallery to discuss the Festival brochure and more specifically the introductory text for it . . . a particularly fascinating experience for me as Alka is so knowledgeable about the Arts and has such vast exposure to national and international trends, besides, of course, having visited so many of the important Festivals around the world. This enables her to bring such an interesting perspective to the role and evolution of Photography, specially as an art-form, tracing its history from more than a century ago to present times . . .

Alka and her team at the Visual Arts Gallery bring such a solid cache of experience and knowledge about putting together and setting up Exhibitions to the Festival . . . something they can probably do with their eyes closed considering the number of large and important ones they handle as the VAG. Which is undoubtedly the most prestigious gallery in Delhi. Their cool and calm approach is the perfect foil for the rather passionate and at times volatile one of the Nazar team of volunteers . . . 🙂

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