2 weeks to go!

I realized something very important yesterday…

You can never really get any work done ‘quick’ when it involves dealing with Delhi. 

Yesterday morning Karan and I set out to run various printing errands that were sort of insignificant but needed to get done, not realizing it would take all day.

Dinesh and Navneet were on the phone almost instantly echoing each others words, ‘I hope you’re taking photos for the blog’. Navneet was easier to convince otherwise but Dinesh would have none of it; ‘everyones phones has cameras’. There we were trotting through Nehru Place and Okhla Industrial Area, Karan laughing at my antics, while I would pull out my phone, feeling like one of those sleazy men who would, in public, shyly, take cellphone pictures of random people.

Karan has been barred from writing because of his earlier transgressions on the blog, In any case he would only rant about traffic, incompetent DTP operators, tropical icebergs and hounding our suppliers to make his own camera and laptop bags…all this whilst nursing a hangover. 

The to-do list grows shorter and longer at the same time, more things off the check-list and more things to be done, the excitement is building and most of us are suffering from the sleepless night and white hair syndrome. With two weeks to go and lots to do we are hoping and praying that it comes together… We know it will… but theres this nervous-excited-buzz-in-the-air! See you in 2 weeks?

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