Boxed Perspective[s]

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Pictures by Karan Vaid

Over the past few days my team of carpenters and electricians have been busy at fabricating a couple of prototype display frames for our outdoor exhibits.

I was quite confident with leaving it in their safe hands since these guys have had decades of experience in putting up entire buildings complete with high-end interiors.  What I forgot or neglected to do was to photograph these guys while they unceremoniously put things together.

So, yesterday morning, as these guys finished making the two test stands, I decided to stage some photographs of them at work. I didn’t know how they would feel about getting their pictures taken in the end they turned out to quite keen, in fact my electrician was quite excited about having his picture up on “the net” and asked me all sorts of questions on what I planned to do with such strange structures with lights inside.

Tomorrow, Hardesh’s guys will come and install the exhibits on these stands and if everything looks great then these guys will be quite busy the next one-week making many more such and other fixtures to accommodate all the great outdoor exhibitions.

Prashant (who just got back from Africa) and the remaining team will now undertake an epic journey to my place tomorrow to inspect the finished display stands (complete with prints) and discuss other things.

More tomorrow when the stands are complete with the pictures.



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