‘I don’t know!’

By Sharmada Sivaram                         

Monday, October 10, 2011 

Pointing toward a man standing next to her, Mansi said to the volunteers present at the India Habitat Center amphitheatre today, “Dinesh and Prashant are the festival!” To which the man quickly added, “I’m just Dinesh by the way, not Dinesh and Prashant”. As usual, I manage to get quotable quotes from Dinesh.

Today’s meeting was for all the volunteers – It was to go over schedules, protocols and guidelines. The emphasis was on being professional, specially by replying to any form of communication! It was also to introduce them to the Delhi Photo Festival Secretariat, at least those of the secretariat present today – Navneet, Mansi, Karan, Dinesh and Prashant.

The meeting also aimed for the volunteers to get familiar with the spaces that would be part of the Festival. Specially so that, when needed, they wouldn’t have “I don’t know” as an answer! In order to ensure the same, Dinesh led the group of volunteers around the India Habitat Center campus to familiarize them with the spaces and where different events would take place.

What I loved hearing today though, was how the sole criteria or the sole reason why all of us were standing there, together, to be a part of this festival was because of our love for photography.

5 (or is it 4?) days to go and the volunteers are getting ready to meet you. We’ll smile. Even if we’re not on candid camera!

When one of the volunteers present were asked for a word to describe what they were expecting during the Festival:

We’ll do a follow up post the Festival 🙂


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