Plotting, planning . . and constantly growing . . .

you know you have a Festival to ‘execute’ when you actually spend 15 minutes discussing with the Horticulture dept of the Habitat Center on how the 400kg flower pots are going to be moved to allow space for displays and stands . . . the planning is done  . . its now time To Do and Get Done . . . nervous times but very exciting moments . . . Prashant and Karan spend a few hours with Shadab and Mrs Kapoor of Habitat discussing all the execution points like when materials will arrive, where will they be stocked, how will they be set up, security details, etc, etc, etc . . .

also the Team is expanding to include a large number of enthu and charged-up volunteers who shall be helping the core team in running things smoothly during the festival . . . Alka Pande was introduced to them too . . . and then Mansi, Navneet and I did a detailed briefing session with them today and went for a familarisation tour of the Habitat so that everyone knew what was happening where and would be able to guide and help our participants and guests from saturday onwards . . .

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