Non-Pro Portfolio Reviews

One of the most satisfying activities at the Festival, for us, have been the Portfolio reviews. It can be said now that till 3 days before the beginning of the Festival we were seriously considering cancelling the reviews since the response had been really poor from ‘reviewees’.

However, we decided to go ahead, realizing that this is something new in the photographic world in India and we must introduce it even if we only have a small number of people wanting reviews. We even discussed this in detail with our panel of 8 Pro Photographers who agreed to be there and go ahead with the reviews irrespective of the number or quality of work shown. We are delighted to report that in the 3 hours set aside for the Reviews, on the first morning of the Festival, more than 40 photo enthusiasts turned up with their work and enjoyed and benefited from their sessions with our panel. In fact the feedback was so positive through the week that we decided to offer Portfolio Reviews the next Saturday too. And another 50 people turned up for that !!


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