When Photographers share . . .

. . . then those who love Photography listen with rapt attention, absorb not just the information, but the feelings, emotions and vision behind the work.

If ever one needed to understand that Photography is not just about Photography, then all those who managed to be in the Cassurina Hall during the Artists’ Talks certainly got to understand this from the more than dozen eminent Photographers who came and shared their work and their lives with us. It was truly special and enlightening to hear them, question them, interact with them and go away just that much more in love with Photography than one was before entering the hall.

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9 thoughts on “When Photographers share . . .

  1. Beautiful Photographs, Thank you for posting them.
    I hope video was made during this event. If so, when can we look forward to viewing it?
    I am ready for the unedited raw video, In fact, I would prefer to watch the unedited version.

  2. hi Dinesh,
    It was great to be there and part of the talks. There are many who could not attend it and many who missed some or the other talk. It would be good if some of the talks can be made available via video recordings or audio recording. I am sure people have recorded them.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Sounak and Adi,
      We have video recorded all the seminars, talks and evening screenings.
      Which means more than 70 hours of video!! We now need to go through these, edit them and find some way, preferably free/inexpensive of uploading them.
      Will keep you all informed.

      • Dineshji,
        If you mail me a data dvd with the videos (edited or otherwise) I can upload them for you without a problem as my internet connection is not metered, its a flat fee.

  3. it was more than amazing, this entire festive spirit – it was – can’t find words to describe it. so thanks for sharing these images, m re-sharing them on fb.

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