My Day at the Festival . . .

The Opening Week, which actually turned out to be 9 full days, was like being leashed to a treadmill . . . from 9 in the morning till 10 at night, Mansi and I were busy running the seminars, then moderating the Talks and ending the day with the Evening screenings . . it was a wonderful blur of images, words, emotions and experiences. It was fantastic listening tho all the Photographers share their vision and their stories but it didnt give us even a minute to actually go out and see the Print exhibitions.

But once Monday rolled along and the Opening Week was behind us I got a chance to spend a few leisurely hours browsing through all the exhibitions and enjoy all of it at my own pace. Of course, the Street Photographer in me is always on the look-out for that interesting moment around me, and there were quite a few with other people who had come to the festival  . . . here are a few of these images . . .


One thought on “My Day at the Festival . . .

  1. In photography community we only spoke about this for years & years…but Prashant and You + your team went beyond anyone’ imagination.Thanks to each one of you to make this platform such a great success.
    Most Outstanding Show!!!

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