A tribute to Prabuddha Dasgupta

26 August, 2012

As a tribute to Prabuddha, the Delhi Photo Festival Team has chosen GRACE as the theme for the next Festival in 2013. The announcement was made last evening at Prabuddha’s memorial service.

“I want to have a long string of images, held together by grace, because grace is that undefineable, non rational, non linear word that I am looking for…. ” Prabuddha Dasgupta, speaking at the Delhi Photo Festival 2011.

The next edition of the biennial Delhi Photo Festival will be held at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, from 27 September to 11 October 2013. Call for submissions will be in early 2013. Lookout for further announcements on the Nazar Foundation website and Facebook page. The Delhi Photo Festival 2013 website will also be launched soon.

With Prabuddha’s passing we have lost a dear friend and an enthusiatic supporter of the Festival. We were thrilled that he had agreed to curate an exhibition based on a month-long workshop of photographers selected from the submission process for the festival in 2013. But this was not to be.

From the Delhi Photo Festival team we bid him adieu in the words from “True Love Leaves No Traces” by Leonard Cohen, a poet he admired.

And many nights endure
Without a moon or star
So we will endure
When one is gone and far

True love leaves no traces
If you and I are one
It’s lost in our embraces
Like stars against the sun

~ Prashant Panjiar


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