DPF 2013 – Meetings begin!

2013 is upon us and with it the Delhi Photo Festival!

Work has begun in full swing and we had our first DPF meeting in 2013 at Prashant’s place (which took some finding and as no one bothered to check the address on the emails) … duties were assigned and volunteered for… all in all it was quite the motivated group (of course Ragini’s Banana bread and Booze, left over from the last festival, played a part).

It was a rather long meeting and everything was discussed point by point with Mansi taking notes on Prashant’s Ipad (she has taken on the various clerical duties owing to advice on her bad back by her recently appointed “Jhaddoo” Shaman). Packets containing a suspect white substance were distributed by Sohrab and everyone seemed more cheerful after that.

We have a bunch of old hands along with a few new ones helping out with the festival and its gonna be one heck of a great event – bigger and better then 2011!

After ample discussion and banana bread, dinner was served – Pita bread and Shwarma style DIY dinner which was great. A cake (which Mansi brought as a treat) was served, the baker went a bit overboard with the nuts but it was delicious,  to inaugurate our meeting (It was a pity that Dinesh didn’t use the many “inauguration lamps” lying around at Prashant’s – would have made for great photographs) .

It was a great evening and we only finished around 11pm with all the work

Submissions open really soon – Stay tuned



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