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We are happy to announce that all bugs and technical problems on our submission’s page are now fixed. The site is up and running again and we look forward to receiving submissions from all those who have been waiting.

We like to apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused any of our submitters.

Over the last week we have been quite busy with handling all the incoming submissions from India and across the world.

It is exciting to see so much work and we appreciate the great response to the upcoming festival.

Given the response and by having a courtesy look at the submissions till date we felt that we could list out a few recommendations and opinions that may help the various photo practitioners who have and would be submitting their work for our festival.

Grace as the theme for DPF 2013

For all print exhibitions, the theme for this year’s festival is GRACE. Grace is open to interpretation.

As mentioned on our the website here

Grace is open-ended and has associations with many other words that can be used while putting together a body of work.

 We encourage photo practitioners to explore their own interpretations and creative expressions of theme, “Grace”.

Its should be noted that photo essays on situations/ subjects that portray or explore an absence or lack of Grace fall under our festival’s theme as well and are equally acceptable as a body of work.

Additionally, Photo practitioners submitting bodies of work towards Digital exhibitions / audio slideshows/ multimedia projects and photo installations need not adhere to the theme of Grace.

What constitutes a “Body or work”?

A set or series of photographs or a photo essay (a minimum of 6 and maximum of 20, in this case) based on a topic / subject which adheres to our theme (GRACE) that all together tell a story.

We would also request that photo-practitioners avoid submitting 6 or more random images that do not adhere to our theme – these will not be considered.

No. of photos that constitute a body of work

We would like to point out that we expect a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 images to constitute a body of work.

Single images / less then 6 images/ more then 20 images will not be considered.

Curators, galleries and collaborative projects

We encourage all of the above to submit work for consideration.

We do require all relevant artist details, so even though you may have registered under your own name (or name of the gallery or the like) on our website, we request that when you fill in the submission form to kindly fill in the relevant artist information (e.g. – the name of the artist).

Submissions from foreign photo practitioners

DPF 2013 encourages submissions from individuals from any country, we would like to state that the body of work submitted need NOT be only shot in India or with an Indian context. 

We encourage you to submit work (as per our theme of Grace) based on our own communities / culture/ society/ region or situation etc.

At the last festival, we had a number of foreign photo practitioners who were exhibited – examples would include “Lowlands” by photographer Martin Bogren  and “Homework” by photographer Sean Lee. Both these photographers’ photographed subjects in their own community that had little do with India (as a subject).

A complete list of all print exhibitors from the last festival can be seen here:

We hope we have answered most of the questions being asked of us, please do feel free to write in for any specific questions that you may need help with whilst submitting your work.

We look forward to receiving all your submissions

























5 thoughts on “submission information

  1. Hi I tried 3 times now to upload, but by image four the uploading process falters and it keeps uploading but nothing appears, please can you have another look at the submissions page and make sure there are no snatches.

  2. The DPF site needs the participants to fill up a form while submitting their work. Where is the form ?

  3. I am a serious enthusiast looking to submit my first entry to the Delhi Photo Festival. Its a complex series that depends heavily on a physical layout and structure to be received well. I’m concerned that an electronic submission will not do justice to what I’ve put into it and am writing to ask if you could spare 20 minutes for me to present my work in, what I am convinced, is the right form. You can, of course, subsequently decide whether my submission meets the Festival’s requirements and standards.

    Would that be possible? I am based in Mumbai and, ideally, would appreciate a couple of days notice – other than that, I’d be very happy to work around your schedule and constraints. Do let me know please.

  4. Dear DPF-2013 Authority,
    It is wonderful privilege to be able to submit for a theme which has been a tribute to Prabuddha, considering Prabuddha had been my source of inspiration for a long time.

    Anyway, before submitting, I was eager to know about one thing-
    If diptychs are accepted in the submissions or not? Plz confirm so that I can continue with my submission process.

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