In search of sustenance

We’ve had a series of all day all night kind of meetings at Prashant’s house with the run up to the upcoming festival. There’s much to be done – The jury members are busy finalizing the work to showcase at the festival from over 2400 entries received! At the other end we are working at designing the spaces, sponsorships, media tie ups, vendors for fabricating stands etc. We will also start programming and scheduling events at the festival in the coming weeks – lots of exciting new features, talks and shows in the pipeline.

Coming back to yesterdays meeting – it was a long one! Lots of ideas and lots of back and forth over what is going to be done at the festival and at the end one bleary eyed crew having been in front of a large computer screen all day.

Prashant and Ragini, being the amazing hosts that they are, took us on a little post lunch shopping trip to the supermarket aka break time. Don’t worry, we aren’t procrastinators – In Prashant’s words he was seeing ‘daylight after days’ having been cooped up indoors with all the festival work. Adil was struck by the ‘buy one get two free’ offer on the Choco Pie and through it rediscovered a part of his childhood.

Tomorrow is another day… we are off to the India Habitat Center (IHC) to measure new spaces we are using this year and who can forget the horticulture department from last time? Yes, we still need written consent to move and rearrange plants… 🙂

more soon…


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photos : mansi midha


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