On the production end of things…

The last few months have been a busy time for the festival’s production team…

Once the festival’s creative directors decided on the exhibitors for this year’s festival, the production team went into overdrive.

There have been countless trips to the Habitat Center in order to take dimensions for the various print exhibitions…(we highly recommend the delicious but overpriced Skhikanji / spiced lemon water available at the Eatopia food court at the Habitat Center – will save your life on any one of Delhi’s sweltering summer days).

Adil has been making numerous visits for test printing and costing at Mr. Ranbir Nerwal’s printing studio and we are very happy with what we have got.

The creative directors had an idea about using bamboo in an innovative way but after visiting shady local bamboo suppliers close to Vasant Kunj, who just didn’t get our concept, we are still figuring out alternatives.

We even paid Mr. Tarun Sardana a visit at his stock-yard in Gurgaon (where I was really interested in the portable cabin he had just laying around) and less in what I had come there to do.

We got up real bright and early that day and since none of us had been there in over a year (and had quite forgotten the way), we decided to put the built GPS applications our phones to good use… I think they sold a defective ones to Adil and Prashant, mine on the other hand works like a charm. In any case, on that day, Jeyanthi Rath’s driver, who knew the way better then Google Maps, saved us.

Later that day we decided to go Dinesh’s house to take stock of the frames, we had left from the last festival in 2011… that turned out to be a great idea, we found a great number of that could be re-used at this year’s festival.

The last meeting was at the habitat to once again discuss the display fixtures for the exhibitors with Jeyanthi Rath. At one point Adil and I were making life size outlines with the more then adequate measuring tape (120 feet of tape) Jeyanthi carries in her purse (I was suddenly transported back to my track and field days in school, where our athletics’ coach use to run around the field measuring distances, all the while dodging very hastily thrown javelins and discuses).

It was quite an interesting and productive day, even if we spoke of transporting huge Stonehenge sized boulders and using Ultrasonic Acoustics Emission Devices for keeping the pigeons from doing their business on our prints (all these ideas were later abandoned).

Now that the festival is right around the corner, we have a very busy time coming up… watch this space for more production related news…

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– Karan Vaid


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