2013 DPF Workshop Participants Announced!

Following the open call for submissions made on our website, we received more than 100 applications from professionals for the 3 Delhi Photo Festival Workshops.  Submissions were forwarded to the respective workshop instructors who chose their participants based on their assessments of the material submitted. The list of participants for the 3 workshops are below. Of those chosen, 3 participants had applied for scholarship. All 3 have been offered waiver of tuition fees.

Munem Wasif’s Work in Progress

Arkadripta Chakraborty – Agartala
Karthik Subramanian – Chennai
Krishna Kant Tummalapalli – Bangalore
Madeeha Attari – Mumbai
Malini Kochupillai – New Delhi
Rahul Dhankani – New Delhi
Richard Dy – Manila
Saptarshi Sanyal – New Delhi
Sheila Zhao – Beijing / Shanghai
Shuvankur Ghosh – Kolkata
Soham Gupta – Kolkata
Swastik Pal – Kolkata

Workshop Coordinator: Sayan Dutta

Sumit Dayal’s The Photography Essay

Akshay Bhoan – New Delhi
Deepak Shijagurumayum – New Delhi
Elena Levi – New York
Gitartha Goswami – Kolkata
Kishor Krishnamoorthi – Hyderabad
Raja Chidambaram – Chennai
Rituparna Banerjee – New Delhi
Shalini Chintalapati – Mumbai
Tuhin Subhra Mondal – Kolkata
Twisha Deb – Kolkata
Vaibhav Bhardwaj – New Delhi
Vinobha Nathan – Auroville, Pondicherry

Workshop Coordinator: Abhinav Sanghi

Aveek Sen’s Beyond Photography

Andrea Fernandes – Mumbai
Chandan Gomes – New Delhi
Elena Levi – New York
Lola MacDougall – Goa
Munem Wasif – Dhaka
Navneet Kaur Ahuja – Faridabad
Philippe Calia – Mumbai
Piyush Wadhera – New Delhi
Sheila Zhao – Beijing / Shanghai
Shweta Upadhyay – Mumbai
Sohrab Hura – New Delhi
Tanzim Wahab – Dhaka
Vidura Jang Bahadur – New Delhi

Workshop Coordinator: Tanvi Mishra

Congratulations to all and hope that the workshops will be a great learning experience for all of you!


One thought on “2013 DPF Workshop Participants Announced!

  1. It seems a well organized event from the amount of details that have been given in this post.

    We are here to support professional photographers, and if you need any support from our end please feel free to contact us for any Photography Accessories.

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