Updates from the Production Crew

Sameer, our newest recruit, accompanied the production crew to the India Habitat Center and then to the printers – Here is his account of how DPF is working with the print exhibitions and customizing each space to suit the work…
– – –
06/09 The agenda for the day was to recce the courtyard adjoining the Visual Arts Gallery and to plan the installation of one of the outdoor exhibits at the festival, more specifically The Animals series by Giacomo Brunelli. As the title suggests, this particular body of work features animals in their natural habitat. In order to showcase this we had envisioned  an exhibit where each print installation blends in with the landscaped surrounding.
We met with the resident horticulturist; Mr. Sisodia to seek his opinion on the feasibility of our idea. Mr Sisodia remembered and appreciated our conscientiousness in dealing with the venue from the previous DPF in 2011 and was so impressed with our commitment to leave as minimal a footprint as possible that he gave us carte blanche to use the courtyard. Infact, he liked our idea so much that there was even talk of the installation becoming a permanent fixture at the Habitat Centre!
We then had to get a lay of the landscaped land to figure out where each piece of the installation went, Sketches were made, notes and photographs were taken and once we were satisfied with our handiwork all that was left to do was to beat the heat with a well deserved shikanjvi.

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08/09 Yesterday was a busy day for the production team with multiple items on the agenda. First, we met at Ranbir’s studio to do a run-through of our checklist, containing details of each photogrpaher’s work. After appraising Ranbir of print sizes for each exhibit, the points of discussion included

– Thickness, colour and type of photo frames
– Wall Layouts/Display panels for each print exhibit
Printing is due to commence next week and framing the week after. A shout-out to Ranbir here for being the thoroughbred professional that he is and knowing exactly what we need even before we do !
The second item on the Checklist was to get the light stands for Giacomo Brunelli’s ‘The Animals’ exhibit fabricated. These stands have a 15w bulb attached to one end and will support the acrylic lightboxes that will showcase Giacomo’s vinyl prints. We found a metal fabricator at Shahpur Jat and with a little bit of prodding and coaxing, we got him to start working on a sample for us as we waited. There were times when we literally had to sift through scrap metal in order to find the right materials to match our design. However, with a little bit of ingenuity from all of us, there was light !
Finally we had to get Sumit Dayal and our expert carpenter – Kuldeep Kumar together so that they could hammer out the details of the fabrication of the Lightbox for Sumit’s ‘Wish you live long’ exhibit. After much discussion on whether the Lightbox should be mounted on a wall or laid horizontal on supports; we came to a compromise of orienting it at an acute angle for easy viewing.

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– Sameer Raichur

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