Sumit Dayal interprets #DPF2015’s theme


DPF2015’s curator Sumit Dayal, shares a photograph which recalls the word ASPIRE to him.

If you needed reminding from us, regarding the theme for #DPF2015 we are here. The theme is “Aspire”.
When asked to share a photo which resonates closely with the theme for him, Sumit Dayal chose one from Kashmir, also his birthplace.

“During the weekends in summer, local boys swim in the shallow waters around Nehru Park, a popular tourist spot in Dal Lake,” Sumit says, describing the photograph. “Swimming is banned in this part of the lake to keep the area sanctified for the tourists. Police in patrol boats have a hard time in keeping the boys at bay.”

In this way, Sumit chooses to highlight a very integral facet of this year’s theme. “Aspire can be translated in many ways,” he says, “In this case, it represents the desire to live free.”
Sumit Dayal is a graduate in Documentary and Photojournalism from the International Centre of Photography (ICP) in New York. His work is primarily focused on the societies, cultures and traditions in the changing landscapes of South East Asia.
Sumit is Curator for #DPF2015.
The theme for this edition of Delhi Photo Festival is ASPIRE.
How would you interpret the theme ‘Aspire’? 
Show us by sending in your entries. The final deadline for submissions is Sunday, May 10, 2015.

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