Adil Hasan’s take on “aspire” for #DPF2015

Of strange crimes and human rights violations 

For this year’s #DPF2015 theme, “Aspire”, Adil has shared an image which is part of a larger story. Those who have been declared dead by their relatives in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. This has been done by their relatives, who wish to claim their lands, or other inherited positions.

Paltan Yadav, 58, lives in Amilo, and is now considered an outcast in his village. His family who betrayed him, are still hostile. He has won his case and has reclaimed his land after being declared ‘alive’. He has sold a part of this land and a school has been built there.

Through this story, Adil highlights more than one facet of  “Aspire” and documents how greed and selfishness is never too far away from the word.

Based in Delhi, Adil has studied photography in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2012, his work, “TV series” won the Tasveer Funds the Arts (TFA) award for photography.  In 2014, the Nazar Foundation published Adil’s monograph “When Abba Was Ill”, which chronicled his father’s battle with cancer.

How would you interpret the theme ‘Aspire’? Show us by sending in your entries. The final deadline for submissions is Sunday, May 10, 2015.


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