Interning with #DPF2015

Suvina by PPPhotocredit: Prashant Panjiar

Suvina Singal, the youngest member of the Delhi Photo Festival this edition shares her jury duty experience.

“Never having done anything of this sort before, I wasn’t sure of what to expect from the DPF 2015 jury session. We started off on May 12 with the sorting of the submissions into different categories. The number of submissions was only one of the things I was overwhelmed by. I felt like a whole new world had opened up for me the moment we began the review: photographers from around the globe had submitted works on diverse subjects, presenting a unique perspective that I would never have thought of. Some submissions told stories about pressing issues from around the world, while others looked inwards, exposing the feelings and thoughts of the photographers. One of the most interesting things was to see how different photographers interpreted the theme, ASPIRE. I knew that photography could be powerful, but I only realized its extent through the nine days of the jury session. Having witnessed the discussions of the jury members for each work gave me a new way of looking and thinking about not only photography, but the world in general. In addition to learning how to look at photography and what makes a work good, I also got introduced to numerous artists and photographers. I am excited to go through the long list of works I am yet to discover, and I am certain they will prove to be an endless source of inspiration. It was also the first time I was introduced to thinking about how different mediums of representation and space can be utilised to enhance the work at large. My favourite bit about the jury session was being able to interact with the jury members Prashant, Vidura, Sohrab, Sumit and Dinesh, and the delicious lunch and snacks Prashant offered us everyday. All of them were exceptionally warm and helpful, and had super interesting stories to tell. The lives of photographers are most definitely cooler than one could imagine. The entire process has challenged how I think about photography. The jury session has also only just ended, and I have not had the time to fully come to terms with my newfound relationship with the art, let alone articulate it. I am excited for what lies ahead!”

Suvina Singal, is a student who is pursuing the Young India Fellowship, and a volunteer with #DPF2015. She hopes to gain some clarity on pursuing photography professionally through her involvement with the Delhi Photo Festival.


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