The #DPF2015 shortlist

The shortlisted selections for this year’s edition of the Delhi Photo Festival.

As promised, here we are on Monday June 15 with our most important announcement yet for #DPF2015. The following submissions (in alphabetical order) are on the shortlist for the festival.

  • ABDOLLAH HEIDARI, Iran Seek for Intimacy
  • ANGELICA DASS, Brazil / Spain Humanae
  • ARJEN JAN ZWART, Netherlands No One Dies at a Gypsy Wedding
  • ARJEN SCHMITZ, Netherlands The World Around Us
  • ARTURO BETANCOURT, Mexico Perfect Citizen
  • CHRISTIAN WERNER, Germany 74
  • DANIELA ZALCMAN, USA Sunday Soldiers
  • DARIO BOSIO, Italy On the Identity of a Tomato Pickerer
  • DAVID MAURICE SMITH, Canada Living in the Shadows
  • EMANUELE SATOLLI, Italy In the bag for North 
  • IAN FLANDERS, Australia By the River
  • JENNI HOLMA, Finland Morphosis
  • JEREMIE LENIOR, France Borders
  • JOHAN OLOF BAVMAN, Sweden Swedish Dads
  • KARAN VAID, India Best in Show
  • KAROLIN KLUEPPEL Germany Maedchenland
  • KLAUS PICHLER, Austria Just the Two of Us
  • KISHOR PAREKH, India Birth of a Nation
  • LEONARD PONGO, Belgium The Uncanny
  • MARYLISE VIGNEAU, France Phnom Penh of the Future
  • MAXIM DONDYUK, Ukraine Culture of Confrontation
  • ME-MO MAGAZINE, France, Spain & Italy Fear
  • MICHEL LE BELHOMME, France The Two Labyrinths
  • NADINE STIJNS, Netherlands A Nation Outside a Nation
  • OLIVIER CULMANN, France The Others
  • RAGHU RAI, India The Album – Family & Friends
  • REGINA ANZENBERGER, Austria Self-published, handmade books
  • ROB HORNSTRA, Netherlands The Sochi Project: An Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus
  • RONNY SEN, India The End
  • SANDY GUTKOWSKI, Argentina 100 Years
  • SARKAR PROTICK, Bangladesh Love Me or Kill Me
  • SCOTT TYPALDOS, Switzerland Butterflies Chapter 3
  • SEBASTIAN FORKARTH, Germany Safe Haven
  • SOHAM GUPTA, India Angst
  • VERENA ANDREA PRENNER, Austria Contained
  • VINIT GUPTA, India Where They Belong
  • VITTORIA MENTASTI, Italy A Woman with Two Names
  • YOSHIKATSU FUJII, Japan Incipient Strangers

Student Category We have a shortlist of 14 for our newly introduced section at #DPF2015 from a total of 244 submissions. These in alphabetical order are:

  • ADITI SHARMA, India I am From (National Institute of Design, India)
  • ARUN VIJAI MATHAVAN, India Urban Mountains (National Institute of Design, India)
  • CLAUDIA GORI, Italy My Name is Camila and I Love my Life (Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark)
  • DEBASHIS CHAKRABARTY, Bangladesh Exabytes (Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute, Bangladesh)
  • Delhi Photo Festival & AROHAN, India
  • FELIX VON DER OSTEN, Germany The Buffalo that could not Dream (Dortmund University of Applied Sciences & Arts, Germany)
  • KASPER LOFTGAARD, Denmark Cowboy Life (Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark)
  • MARINA PAULENKA, Croatia The Other Home (Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia)
  • MD FARHAD RAHMAN, Bangladesh One Last Playground (Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute, Bangladesh)
  • MICHAEL DROST-HANSEN, Denmark Rohingya (Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark)
  • RAHUL KUMAR DAS, Bangladesh Sanguinity (Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute, Bangladesh)
  • ROGER ANIS, Egypt Closets Full of Dreams (Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark)
  • SARAH FATEMEH JABBARI, Iran Waiting For Better Days (Faculty of Fine arts, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi)
  • SHADMAN SHAHID, Bangladesh White Elephant (Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute, Bangladesh)

 The Delhi Photo Festival will be held from Friday 30 October to Sunday 8 November at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. For all updates on #DPF2015 track us here: Facebook Twitter Google Plus Word Press


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