#DPF2015 Exhibition: Seek For Intimacy

Abdollah Heidari
Iranian photographer
Abdollah Heidari’s poignant documentation of young girls coming to terms with tragedy.

Intimacy is not just a wish or hope; but it is a basic need. With the loss of intimacy, rings of life will be broken.
Iran has had a history of school fires; there have been six since 1997 causing the deaths of dozens of teachers and students. In a girl’s school, in a far off village in Iran, defects in the heating system caused one of the biggest fires in the country’s history, leading to the death of two students and severe burns for others. Heidari’s photographs documents how their bodies and spirits are burnt alike. Inevitably these young girls suffer from depression in trying to cope with the loss of dear ones. By shaking hands, kissing, hugging, playing, talking about different subjects the children try to renew old relationships. Heidari’s images capture an intimacy through which, they try to regain normalcy.
Abdollah Heidari is an Iranian photographer born in Tehran. After doing courses and workshops in photography, he has been working at Mehr News Agency since 2009. His series Seek For Intimacy has gathered numerous accolades and awards like the UNICEF Photo of the Year 2014, International Photography Awards 2014 in the USA to name a few.
Seek For Intimacy, is part of the projections line-up for this edition of the Delhi Photo Festival starting October 30 at the IGNCA, Delhi.


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