#DPF2015 Exhibition: No One Dies At A Gypsy Wedding

Alkmaar gedurende het jaar 2004

Dutch photographer Arjen Jan Zwart spends time with the Romani community from Turkey.

Arjen Jan Zwart’s first encounter with the Romani community of Turkey was in 2001. It was when he came across a small boy in an Istanbul street playing a version of a hand drum. After he made the photo of the boy, Zwart was invited to his subject’s home by his father and an important connection was established. It was the Romani community’s ability to survive despite the discrimination they faced in Istanbul that drew him close to them.

Zwart has since been following one Romani family, marking several important life events with them. The result, Zwart says, is a very personal project. One that is not just about the life of this gypsy community but also about his own relationship with them.

Arjen Zen Zwart is a self-taught photographer and works as a freelancer for numerous magazines and newspapers. He says the most important thing is staying connected to his personal projects. He has had numerous exhibitions in Europe and has also authored three books: Achter de Eerste Paal (1999), Alkamaar (2004) and Zift (2011).

No One Dies At A Gypsy Wedding is part of the projections line-up for this edition of the Delhi Photo Festival starting October 30 at the IGNCA, Delhi.


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