#DPF2015 Exhibition: Just The Two Of Us

Klaus Pichler
Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler’s work with cosplayers straddles the real with the fantastic.

Cosplay, an amalgamation of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’, as an idea is one that is gaining popularity. Klaus Pichler gained access to the homes of Austrian cosplay enthusiasts and photographed them against the everyday backdrop of their homes. In doing so, he highlights both the fantastical and real worlds that these individuals inhabit. Dressing up is a way of creating an alter ego, a second skin through which the person can be perceived differently. Just The Two Of Us, Pichler says, is about both the costumes and the people behind them.

Klaus Pichler, born in 1977, lives and works in Vienna, Austria. He is represented by the Anzenberger Agency. Pichler’s photographs have been published in magazines and newspapers such as The New Yorker, British Journal of Photography, The Daily Telegraph and BBC Online. He has been part of numerous group and solo exhibitions and has also won many awards. One Third (2013), Just The Two Of Us (2014) and Dust (2015) are a few of the books that Pichler has published.

Just The Two Of Us is part of the line-up for this edition of the Delhi Photo Festival starting October 30 at the IGNCA, Delhi.


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