#DPF2015 Exhibition: The World Around Us

The world around us
Dutch photographer Arjen Schmitz explores the flipside of development and progress.

At first glance, what meets the eye in The World Around Us is blocks of concrete reaching up to the sky. Through his photographs, Arjen Schmitz explores the relationship between humans, architecture and the concerned landscapes. Schmitz’s frames are filled with unknown buildings and skyscrapers juxtaposed with a lone tree or small figures of kids playing in the foreground. Schmitz’s work focuses on highlighting how economic growth reduces the attention for living and working comfort to a minimum.

Arjen Schmitz lives and works in the Netherlands. His work has been featured in magazines and books on architecture like De Architect, Frame, Detail to name a few. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe. In 2012, he won the first prize in the Member’s Choice category of the Photographer Association of the Netherlands awards. In 2013, he won the third prize in the Landscape category of the Sony World Photography Organization Awards.

The World Around Us is part of the line-up for this edition of the Delhi Photo Festival starting October 30 at the IGNCA, Delhi.


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