#DPF2015 World Photography Day Announcement

Kanu Gandhi
The third in the series of the Nazar Photography Monographs: Kanu’s Gandhi will be launched by us at the third edition of the Delhi Photo Festival (Oct 30-Nov 9; venue: IGNCA)

Kanu’s Gandhi is the first-ever published collected works of Kanu Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandnephew and personal photo-chronicler of the last 12 years of his life. Though many of his images are well known to us (you are sure to recognize some of them) he was never properly credited for them nor was he properly recognized for the work. With this third edition of the Nazar Photography Monographs, Kanu’s Gandhi, we hope to give a long forgotten, but important photographer his due.
It was around 1936, when Kanu Gandhi was living at Sevagram Ashram and working as the Mahatma’s personal staff that he developed an interest in photography. Vinobha Bhave’s brother, Shivaji, while on a visit to Sevagram, was the first one to encourage Kanu to take up photography to capture events at the Ashram. At first Gandhi turned down Kanu, saying there were not enough funds, but later relented and requested his associate, the industrialist Ghanshyam Das Birla, to help Kanu. GD Birla made a gift of ₹100 to Kanu, enough to buy a Rolliflex camera and a roll of film.

Gandhi imposed three conditions on Kanu for taking photographs of him:
That he would never use a flash;
That he would never ask him to pose;
And that the Ashram would not fund his photography.

Nazar Photography Monographs 03 – KANU’S GANDHI
Photographs by Kanu Gandhi
Hardbound | 9.25” X 9.0” | 160 pages | 95 plates
Special Feature: Cover image is an actual fine art ink-jet print.
Expected price: Rs. 3000/-
Watch out for announcements for pre-orders at discounted price.


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