#DPF2015’s Crowdfunding Campaign

Prashant Panjiar in another one of his animated modes during the discussions about design and layout of the exhibitions.

Prashant Panjiar in another one of his animated modes during the discussions about design and layout of the exhibitions inside the Twin Art Galleries of the IGNCA. Photo by Anurag Banerjee.

The Delhi Photo Festival collaborates with BitGiving to build a larger photo community.

As co-founder of DPF, Prashant Panjiar frequently repeats, “the Delhi Photo Festival is a labour of love”. Since 2011, every two years photographers from all over the country converge to produce a festival that celebrates the medium in every way possible. In the ever changing world of photography, this is one  attempt to take the medium of this art form forward.  At #DPF2015 we will show the best of contemporary photography from around the world, photography that transcends genre.

This year, at #DPF2015, we have some of the biggest names from the country and the world over who will be joining us. Never before seen work by Raghu Rai, one of the pioneers of Indian photojournalism Kishor Parekh’s seminal work on the Bangladesh War of 1971, a one-of-a-kind photobook exhibition curated by Austrian gallerist and photographer Regina Anzenberger, a unique exploration of the medium by French photographer Olivier Culmann, Dutch photographer Rob Hornstra’s compelling documentation of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. And this names only five of 40 print exhibitions that we have in store for you.

A lot goes into the production of the festival – printing, mounting, framing, display systems, installation, lighting systems, site management, catalog publication and much more. Getting funds for the same is always a challenge, costs of production can go upto Rs. 60 lakhs. We are targeting to raise Rs. 10 lakhs through our crowdfunding campaign to jumpstart our project, and begin working on presenting the works to you in the manner and scale that they deserve to be seen.

We want to share this with you. The Delhi Photo Festival belongs to you and every photography loving person in the country.

Come. Join our community.

Follow this link to the BitGiving campaign: https://www.bitgiving.com/DPF2015

The Delhi Photo Festival opens on October 30 at the IGNCA, Delhi.

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