#DPF2015: Meet The Masters

Olivia Arthur and Philipp Ebeling; photograph of Olivia Arthur by Bernhard Müller / Mamiya

Olivia Arthur and Philipp Ebeling; photograph of Olivia Arthur by Bernhard Müller / Mamiya

Olivia Arthur and Philipp Ebeling are conducting the Masterclass workshop this edition.

The Delhi Photo Festival 2015’s Masterclass workshop has been constructed as a three-day intensive course designed and led by Olivia Arthur (Magnum Photos) and Philipp Ebeling. The duo are photographers and co-founders of Fishbar – a photo book publisher and a cutting edge gallery space for photography in East London.

The three-day Masterclass workshop will take place from 27-29 October at the British Council. This is aimed at photographers who have a cohesive body of work and need guidance on taking their photo projects further.

The complete Masterclass experience also features interactions with some of the leading experts in photography: Roger Ballen, Rob Hornstra, David Campany, Regina Anzenberger, Raghu Rai and Naoya Hatakeyama.

As Arthur and Ebeling state: “We believe that photography can convey complex ideas and tackle difficult subject matter. Working with imagery as writers work with words, photographers can be the authors of their own stories. We would like to help students conceptualise and distill their ideas, talking to an audience as a writer talks to theirs.”

A key element of the workshop will be a session on the book making process from the point of view of narrative storytelling. The session will provide insights from publishing professionals on what makes for successful photobooks.

Born in London in 1980, Olivia Arthur completed a degree in Mathematics from Oxford University in 2002 and a diploma in photojournalism the following year. In 2001, she was adjudged the Guardian Student Photographer of the Year. This would only lay the foundations for what lay ahead, as she went on to win the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass in 2007 and got nominated to Magnum Photos in 2008. She became an associate of the reputed photo agency in 2011.

Philipp Ebeling was born in 1977 in Hannover, Germany. He has a degree in photography from the London College of Printing. He has won numerous awards such as the first prize at the David Hodge and Observer Award and the second prize for the Portrait Awards conducted by the National Portrait Gallery, London. Ebeling is also the curator and publisher of photobooks. In 2010, along with Olivia Arthur, he co-founded Fishbar.

“We love making things,” says the story on the Fishbar website, “We love telling stories with photographs, both our own and other people’s. We love finding ways to make interesting installations in small spaces. We love bringing people together to look at and talk about pictures. We love making projects happen. We bring photography and books to different audiences. We love collaborating with musicians and poets. We sometimes also make beer.”

Further reading on Arthur and Ebeling

Vice: http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/olivia-arthur-middle-distance-jeddah-diary-women-india-caste-system-saudi-arabia-magnum-photography

IdeaTap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ3wlKV2Mlc

British Journal of Photography: http://www.bjp-online.com/2014/04/philipp-ebelings-land-without-past/

The #DPF2015 Masterclass will take place from the 27 October to 3 November. Olivia Arthur and Philipp Ebeling’s participation has been facilitated by the British Council of India. See www.delhiphotofestival.com and http://www.britishcouncil.in/delhi-photo-festival-2015


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