#DPF2015 Exhibition: Student Category Part Two

The second part of our curtain raiser to the Delhi Photo Festival’s new category.

The Other Home by Marina Paulenka


Požega Penitentiary, the only female prison in Croatia, does not allow photographing or filming the inmates in a manner that would give away their identity. Marina Paulenka felt that the “forensic portraits” taken at the time of incarceration at the prison only preserved the criminal identity of the women. Paulenka wanted to portray just how complex the lives of these women are, deprived of freedom. Paulenka attempts to paint a picture of life in a prison with the stark imagery of prison spaces juxtaposed with personal items of the inmates.

Marina Paulenka is a student at the Academy of Dramatic Arts at the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

One Last Playground by Md Farhan Rahman

Farhad_One Last Playground_17

The landscape around us is constantly changing. The skyline is getting busier, and even then there never seems to be enough space. In all this, where will children play? Will there be place enough for their playgrounds? Md Farhan Rahman narrates a story of a fantasy world, where children still have the space to play. “The place will soon be transformed into a construction site within a few days. [For now] this is the only remaining playground for the local children,” he says.

Born in Bangladesh in 1986, Md Farhan Rahman is a student of Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka.

Rohingya by Michael Drost-Hansen


A story about refugees and human rights, Michael Drost-Hansen has worked with refugees in Denmark and Romania, vagabonds and dying people in Denmark and the displaced Rohingyas who are fleeing from ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

The Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar’s Rakhine province are in danger of being wiped out owing to persistent ethnic cleansing. In June 2012, close to a lakh and a half Rohingyas were driven out of their native city of Sittwe. Houses were burnt down and over 200 were killed. The persecuted community had to move into government-controlled camps, cut off from the outside world.

Born in 1979, Michael Drost-Hansen started his career as a commercial photographer, deciding to move to photojournalism after five years. He is currently pursuing a course at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark.

Waiting For Better Days by Fatemeh Sarah Jabbari


Negoor in Iran is a city that is deprived of some basic amenities like a hospital. The city suffers from rampant poverty with its accompanying problems of unemployment and drug addiction. With low literacy levels, crimes rates are high. Fatemah Sarah Jabbari spent time with a family in Negoor, which is also one of Iran’s oldest cities, documenting what life for a normal family in such a trouble stricken city would be like.

Fatemah Sarah Jabbari was born in Tehran, Iran in 1989. She is currently pursuing a masters in fine arts from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.

White Elephant by Shahid Shadman

Celebrations during the chinese new year.

Shahid Shadman bares witness to another city that, in its bid to urbanise, leaves a trail of disruption in its wake. Chenggong is one of China’s largest ghost cities with almost 100,000 uninhabited apartments. Villages were destroyed, families were displaced to make way for this modern, global city which is empty of life.

Shadman Shahid is a freelance documentary photographer born and raised in Dhaka Bangladesh. He is currently studying at Pathshala South Asian Media Academy.

Sanguinity by Rahul Kumar Das


Having lived in the tropics his entire life, Rahul Kumar Das learnt about snow covered peaks only through television or school textbooks. Fascinated by the ice that would accumulate in the freezer when his parents bought a fridge, it becomes a recurring motif in his work. Water is a thread that connects most of Das’ photographs.

Born in Sylhet in 1984, Rahul Kumar Das is currently studying at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute in Dhaka.

The student category works is part of the exhibitions line-up for this edition of the Delhi Photo Festival starting October 30 at the IGNCA, Delhi.


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