#DPF2015 Exhibition: Perfect Citizen

Arturo Betancourt
Arturo Betancourt challenges the existence of the individual.

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for us as a people to turn a blind eye towards most things that deserve our attention. The society that we live in tends to become numb to any event after an initial phase of involvement.

Arturo Betancourt attempts to draw attention to the importance of “being” and not merely “existing” as a part of society. He believes that societal routines induce insensitivity in the masses. Betancourt aspires to rekindle the want for every individual to have their own voice and vision.

Mexican born Arturo Betancourt’s work has been exhibited internationally in countries like Argentina, India, Singapore, Spain and United States at several cultural venues. He has been freelancing since 1993, and has explored various mediums such as documentary, landscape and architecture, and contemporary photography. Betancourt has specialised in Contemporary Photography in Spain, and holds a masters degree in Creative Design from Mexico.

Perfect Citizen is part of the print exhibitions line-up for this edition of the Delhi Photo Festival starting on October 30 at the IGNCA, Delhi.

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